Photo Contest 

Special Grand Opening for the month of September only UNLIMITED photos entry for only $25.00! Wow!

PHOTOS MUST BE IN BY THE 15th of each month and announcement of the winners will be on the 25TH of each month. 

Age Divisions (photo contest only)

0-18 months - 19-35 months - 3-4 years - 5-6 years - 7-9 years - 10-12 years - 13 & up years
(age as of date of photo contest deadline)

ONE GRAND SUPREME : Winner will receive Supreme Package Paid to Nationals 2002 
3 OVERALL MOST BEAUTIFUL: ( 0-4 , 5-9 , 10 & UP) Winners receive $150.00 off their Supreme Package for Nationals 2002 
DIVISION WINNERS: Winners in each age division will receive $100.00 Off their Supreme Package for Nationals 2002. 

Payments: We accept paypal, money orders, or any certified funds. 

You may either submit this form online or print and mail to: 

Southern Paradise Beauty Photo Contest

PO BOX 3477



hotos may be B&W or Color.  Originals, laster copies and e-mailed JPG's are accepted.  If you choose to mail your photos, be sure to include a S.A.S.E. 
(Be sure to have postal services check the correct amount for return!) Make checks payable to: Southern Paradise Beauty Pageants 

Contestant's Name  
D.O.B. Age Division:    


I hereby release Southern Paradise Beauty Pageants from liablity, damage, or theft of photos entered in this contest. I understand that the winning delegate photos may be used in promotion and advertising.  I understand that judges decisions are final and there will be no refunds.  


Hit the submit button only once, PLEASE! 

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